For 1 to 5 years old

From the moment my son stepped into the classroom he loved it and felt right at home. Miss Mary and her team at Eden have created a wonderfully welcoming, respectful and nurturing environment and also what an exciting place this is for a child to be, the variety of activities is amazing! It is clear that much effort, thought and care is put into planning the activities, as well the in-depth observing and monitoring of each child's progress.

It is fascinating to watch over time as my son develops into an independent little person thanks to everyone at Eden Montessori. It is lovely to see how enthusiastic he is about the nursery and how much he enjoys his time there.

What a pleasure it has been to watch our son's growth and development during his time at Eden Montessori. Like his brother before him (who also attended), he is excited to go to school each day and even more excited to share what he has learned and done with his family. Miss Mary, Miss Selina and all the teachers and staff have not only given their considerable time, patience and caring to our son, they have also brought out a bright and vivacious behaviour that permeates everything he does.

We are constantly grateful that we found such an ideal setting for our three-year-old to get acquainted with the joys of learning and socialising with others. We would unreservedly recommend Eden Montessori to any and all parents who want a holistic educational experience in a warm and caring environment for their children.
Mike and Cristina

Oliver has settled very quickly at Eden Montessori just after he turned two years old. I have been clear from the start that he relaxed atmosphere and empathetic teachers with their endless patience have enabled Oliver to grow in all areas. His ability to communicate verbally has improved considerably, as have his social skills.

He has blossomed into a bubbly, energetic, confident, independent and social boy. I could not ask for a more nurturing environment and am so happy that my younger daughter will be lucky enough to attend Eden Montessori as well.
All the staff has shown themselves to be compassionate, flexible and proactive at all times. As well as always being professional, their relaxed and friendly demeanour has meant that I can relax knowing my child's well being could not be in safer hands. I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery to friends and family.

I still remember the day that I asked Ms Mary for help with Rio's behaviour. We had started to realise what the Terrible Two's were! So my first choice is with no doubt, Eden Montessori. One year later we are seeing a big difference from our son. Rio has really changed a lot - in a good way!

I'm very grateful for all the wonderful teachers who were looking after Rio so well. I really love the way that when Rio's back he keeps saying how wonderful and beautiful all his teachers are! I have to say, sending Rio to Eden Montessori was the best decision!
A big thank you, for all your kindness looking after my son - we couldn't ask for anything more. If we can do anything back in return, please let us know.

My daughter Mito started attending at Eden Montessori 5 months ago. She started with no English, but now speak to herself in English as well as her native languages (Japanese and Czech). I could not forget how much Ms Mary was welcoming her and Ms Mary's warm personality made my daughter so comfortable that she jumped on to her and gave her a big hug as if they'd known each other for years!

I cannot fully express how much I feel thankful to all the teachers. Every teacher is so enthusiastic, patient, warm and kind. Mito learned an amazing amount of skills, social skills ever day. I love that they learn about different cultures in the world. I also love that older students look after younger students.

Mito loves Eden Montessori nursery and she has never said, "I don't want to go to the nursery," even once. Thank you for all you do, Teachers!

When I first sent Jasmin to this nursery, I was a little nervous, wondering if she would enjoy it, but from day one she has really enjoyed herself. We never have a problem getting her ready in the mornings - in fact, she cannot wait to get there! Eden Montessori is fantastic: the different stages of learning really show with the things she does at home and she wants to learn more.

But I feel all the staff/ teachers are amazing. They have a lot of patience with them and when we arrive you can feel a great give and there is a real personal feel about it. I have already recommended several people I know because it really is a great place, and seeing how Jasmin is so happy makes me very happy. The best decision I have made so far regarding her education!

After looking at a great many nurseries for my 2 year old son to begin attending, I came across Eden Montessori who were just setting up their first year of being in business. I met with Mary for a look around and after learning her plans for the future, enthusiasm for the children’s learning and total passion in what she was doing, I immediately, there and then, signed Christian up.

I do not think that I will ever be able to write down on one page what an amazing journey of growth and discovery my son has had in his time attending Eden. Not only do the children learn about the things i.e. language and numbers that will prepare them for their first years at school, they learn about themselves, different cultures and ways of doing things. This I believe will be invaluable as they grow and enter into mainstream society. Eden truly fills a huge gap that I am unable to provide at home for my son and they do this in such a supportive, imaginative way that I am able to link my child’s learning to what we do and teach in our own time as a family. I cannot recommend the teachers at Eden highly enough – they have all been integral in placing the foundations of knowledge that my child will positively benefit from both now and for the rest of his life. It truly is a magical world that they create for the children at the nursery and my son looks forward to each and every day that he goes in. He loves learning about different cultures, people and holidays, and most importantly he feels safe and secure in his environment. A big thank you to Eden and all the amazing people working there who make it such a special and positive place to be! You all are what makes this nursery stand out from the others!

Dear Mary
After moving to London with my husband and my son I decided to take a look at the different nursery school in the Kensington area. I met quite a few teachers and got to know in detail the education programs of different institutions. However, the day I met Miss Mary, I knew that Eden Montessori was the one.

First impression is what usually counts and for me this has been true: At Eden happy children learn and play in a loving environment and kind, professional teachers are always aware of the children’s individual needs. Miss Mary and her team start every single day with a sheer infinite amount of energy, patience, skill, dedication, esprit and love. After 6 months full time sessions at Eden my son Giovanni (2 yrs 9 months) has a larger vocabulary in English than in German and Italian (his native languages). Through “learning by playing” his understanding of numbers improved and he is now able to distinguish all letters from the alphabet. Giovanni talks enthusiastically about all activities at Eden and goes to school every morning with a big smile on his face.
I am really grateful for all this and in particular also for the nursery’s: the bright and clean classrooms situated on the ground floor with spacious entrance areas, the sports-room and the two outside areas incl. the charming backyard garden.
A huge THANK YOU to Eden Montessori for all the love you put into your work!

Dear Mary
You and your incredible staff have managed to implement the great philosophy of Eden Montessori that is allowing children to develop at their own pace, thus gaining independence and self confidence as their day to day skills improve.

I am so impressed with the caring, sensitivity and happy environment that is created at your nursery, my children’s gained knowledge like the culture, the weather, the time of the year, or their academic skills, alphabets, numbers etc seems to always impress family and friends! Iris and Noah are always excited coming to the nursery and eager to tell me what they have been doing at the end of the day and I can always involve myself as I am provided with the daily written “My Day at Eden” paper. The hygiene and the super healthy snack provided by the nursery is excellent. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for giving my children warmth, kindness, and exciting activities that will have a great influence on their minds and personalities in the future.Thank you!!

Dear Miss Mary and Amazing Staff Members,
Our daughter Kenzie started with you when she was really still a baby – shy and barely 2 years old – and with the tender care, constant support and encouragement at Eden, has transformed into a confident, exuberant and talkative little girl – full of happy stories about the things she does and learns at school.

Daily she thrills us with a new song or story she learned at school, and more importantly at this stage, we are amazed at the rapid pace of improvement in her daily life skills, grace and courtesy, and knowledge of the practical world, and cultures. “Mom I can do it myself,” is a phrase I’m used to now, but she still surprises me with everything she has learned to do – from putting on clothes and shoes to cleaning up and trying new foods. Your staff works delightfully closely with me to follow up on skills I’m trying to teach at home, like potty training or joining in – and keep me so well informed each day on what Kenzie is up to. We never expected but are thrilled with the care and attention at Eden Montessori – from developing a kind and capable child to helping her parents enjoy and properly support a growing child! Thank you!!

Eden Montessori is a great nursery and a wonderful environment for children to learn and play. This is mostly due to the caring staff and the boundless energy of Miss Mary. My twins have been attending since they were two years old and they look forward to going there on all their nursery days.

I especially appreciate all the extra effort the staff make to keep the place special – parties, outings, parent-teacher conversations. I get a sense that the teachers really make the effort to know the kids and treat them as individuals.
It’s a great place for kids and I’m very glad to have found it!