For 1 to 5 years old

Parents are encouraged to become involved in every stage of their child’s development. We recognise the importance of the partnership with parents and strive to build and maintain a sound and effective relationship with each parent. Your involvement will contribute greatly to all aspects of your child’s wellbeing and education.


Each term we have theme topics for children to extend their knowledge and understanding. We provide the parents with a termly planning document. We ask that parents participate in our topics by encouraging their child to extend their learning in the theme topics. This can be done through discussion with your child, play, reading, outings and celebrating special events.


In order for parents to follow up school events and contribute to their child’s learning, we periodically send home newsletters informing parents of current topics being explored, changes and articles of interest.


Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom during nursery time (by appointment only) thus gaining a full insight of the Montessori nursery education, which allows you to apply a similar approach at home, hence encouraging your child’s development.


This practical workshop and exercise based 1-day course takes place termly.

Empowered parenting is about giving you clear, concise insights into the real nature of your child, and explores what you can do to provide a unique foundation to support their incredible journey through childhood. It is also a way to engage with parents about their children so that you can support the work we do as teachers and try some of the methods we use to assist your child’s development. Finally, it is giving you a chance to communicate, connect and build a relationship with other parents through sharing knowledge, experience and ideas.