For 1 to 5 years old

Yellow classroom (1-3 years)
Pre-school classroom (3-5 years)

Yellow classroom

The Yellow classroom is for children age one to three years. In this class we aim to give the children an enjoyable experience, encouraging and assisting them to become more independent, self-confident and social beings through a carefully structured environment.

The children are introduced to more complex everyday living activities – creatively though painting, music, dance, cooking, dressing up – as well as learning new vocabulary and language development. They are given the freedom to choose and lead in activities.

Pre-school classroom

The Pre-school class is for children age three to five years. In this classroom children are introduced to more 'formal' yet fun activities where they work for short periods doing more involved and demanding exercises to help develop their concentration.

With a strong Montessori influence each child progresses at their own pace in a carefully prepared, child-size environment allowing physcial freedom within the classroom. Daily activities include art, craft, music, drama, creative play, nature studies and weekly theme topics.